Understanding SSDI And SSI Eligibility

One of the biggest challenges Acosta & Rose Attorney at Law’s potential clients face is eligibility. Simply understanding whether one is eligible for benefits is often difficult for anyone without a legal background and a thorough understanding of the SSDI and SSI process.

Applying For SSDI Or SSI

At the law firm of Acosta & Rose Attorney at Law, I focus on making sure my clients feel comfortable and that they understand that I am a partner in the process, instead of just a lawyer. During a free initial consultation at either of my Florida law offices in Tampa and Clearwater, I let my clients ask questions and provide the answers they need to ensure they fully grasp the steps they will have to take as they pursue benefits.

Once a client chooses me to be his or her attorney, I will walk them through the eligibility requirements that must be met before filing an SSDI or SSI claim. In general, to qualify for SSDI, you must have a work record. Without a work record, you can only file for SSI. You must also have a qualifying medical condition as defined by the Social Security Administration, one that prevents your ability to work.

After determining your eligibility, I then help my client complete his or her application or applications and then follow up by filing any additional information needed by the Social Security Administration.

Get Started Today

To find out if you are eligible for SSDI or SSI benefits, call my Tampa office at 727-725-1858 or my Clearwater office at ; or send me an email to schedule your free initial consultation.